A true psychic and talented clairvoyant, Sansa has created this piece to transport all who enter, and share with them her world where magic is real and psychic phenomenon is absolutely the norm! 

Let Sansa and her fabulous Tarot tent take your party guests on a mystical journey. With a crystal ball and a 52 card deck of divination, Sansa “the crystal ball beauty” creates an experience party goers will be talking about for years.

With red velvet rhinestone curtains, ornate lanterns and pillows, and carved antiques from Morocco, this luxurious circle shaped tent is a must see and a must have for your next mindblowing party! 



Indoor or Outdoor Soiree Tent

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 1.15.00 AM.png

This beautiful round tent fits perfectly indoors as well as outdoors. It has a diameter of only 6 feet, and will clear most ceiling fans. Packages include Installation. You do nothing!

On a budget? Hire Sansa without the tent


Sansa has worked as a psychic at parties and gatherings all over the world for nearly a decade. You can hire her without the tent as well. Message for a quote